Our Coffee Mugs Are Attached to Our Emotions in 6 Ways

Coffee mugs are not just tools. They are items that give our bodies spiritual influence. A survey by Heinz company, reports 60% of people who use mugs are emotionally attached. 40% of people who answered a survey for the company report no being able to live without their specific mug. Coffee mugs have grown on us throughout the years.

You don’t need a test to tell you that you love your coffee mug. You feel it inside you when you use your mug day to day. You get up each day and you connect with it. Its appearance reminds you of the days and pain. It tells you a story you can not forget. A coffee mug is a reflection of you.

I personally like orange coffee mugs because they remind me of fall season. I like watching the beautiful orange leaves fall and remembering those days in the night. The nights I was out and about or going trick treating with friends. The warm feeling start to burst up inside me. I see them and I want them in my head at all times. Its reasons like this that I hold on to my coffee mugs. Its a hobby I am not ashamed to keep. I will give you 6 reasons below why you should think the same way with coffee mugs.

Mugs Remind You of Moments

In life, you have moments of time that are special. You have to hold on to them. A funny coffee mugs does a good job of reminding you of that one conversation at home or that one guy you can’t call by name. They bring in memories from places you want stored in your brain.

You also become aware of the time you put into your mug. You send so much time with it. You use it every day. There are days when you think about things that nobody know because you look at it. Emotions erupt next to them. Emotions that can bring you closer to who you really are and tell you the truth. You need to remember the moments.

Its Your Personal Mug

It lets you and others know that you own it. Most people like to complain to people who use their personal mug. Its just a cup, but its a cup you bought for reasons most would not understand. Its not just a cup to you. Its your personal lock into your personal world where only you fully know about.

No need to be stingy all the time, but it makes sense to be stingy with a mug you been through a lot with. The mug will give you strength in reminding you of the struggles you had when you was younger. It bonds with you and only you.

My Mug Understands Who I am

Your mug represents your character. You get one that has a certain slogan to remind you of something or to show people a piece of yourself. A mug should only stand for what you desire. It should show people and yourself that there are things you care about that only you need to care about. Do not put on a show with people. Be your own with your own mug.

Warm Feeling Come From It

Warm feeling come from holding on to your coffee cup. Your coffee cup is something you get in the mornings, but the winter nights need it too. The nights when you are so cold and you just need something to remind you the cold is not that bad. Your coffee will fill you in with heat all around and make you feel the hot sense that feels safe.

I wake Up With It

I am wake up everyday with my mug. I feel the sheets fall off my bag and there it is on the counter. Its like a brother to me. Its always there to give me some comfort no matter who decided to give me bad news today. I will never forget the coffee mug that gives me the strength every day to do what I need or what I been trying to do.

It Takes Me to Coffee Time

I rise up some weekends to enjoy time with my coffee. Just me and my coffee sitting there at the end table. I like my little moment of silence before I start the day. Its the moments people use to have before Youtube. The moments that remind you that you need to relax and let the world take care of itself. The main reason I buy coffee mugs in modern times.